One of the coolest things about living in the country is, the visitors we get. They follow the creek bed and leave the security of the tree-line to graze the short pasture grasses, or sample the hay bale our horses enjoy.


Ever curious, but cautious, this buck tentatively ventured out of his shelter this morning. My husband’s studio looks out toward the creek and trees bordering our property. We know when they’re around because our horses ears will perk up and look in the direction they see or sense another creature invading their turf.


Before my husband could secure his camera, he missed the harem that had been grazing with this good lookin’ guy!


I’m sure  his highness has fathered a future crop of babies. Maybe we’ll get a glimpse of them this spring.


My dad used to hunt deer and many other game, but when I see how majestic these creatures are, its hard for me to imagine shooting one. That’s just me! I’d rather see them in their habitat doing what they do. I’m sure my son-in-law and nephews are shaking their heads, when I say this.

I know the argument about keeping the population down and that many people are injured and killed each year from colliding with a deer.

My mind says, “You’re right!”

My heart says, “Nooo!”

So, we’ll just enjoy this beauty and his family. They’re safe with us!