Kansas is known as the “Sunflower State!”


Helianthus annuus, the common sunflower, is a large annual forb of the genus Helianthus grown as a crop for its edible oil and edible fruits. This sunflower species is also used as bird food, as livestock forage, and in some industrial applications.

When you drive through the countryside, here in Kansas, at this time of the year, you see their bright faces waving in the breeze all over the state. They bend and twist in the wind as if dancing to their own inaudible tune.Wild sunflowers can pop up just about anywhere. With all the rain we’ve had this summer, they are abundant in ditches, pastures–where ever there is dirt, you will find the sunflower!

I love the sun, and anything that symbolizes the blazing ball that heats our planet. I have images of the sun hanging all over the place. Maybe I was an Aztec Princess, in another life!


Being a sixties girl, I worshiped the sun. I have age spots to prove it! But, no matter the consequence I always loved the way the sun made me feel. It’s the same way with these delightful flowers.

You can’t help but feel happy when you see a sunflower, with its bright yellow petals and chocolate-brown center.

If you know where to go, you can visit these fields of magnificent blooms. Sunflowers are not just unique to Kansas, but are scattered across the county. The rows of yellow sunburst follow the sun’s arc from horizon to horizon. I often think of Van Gogh’s lovely Sunflower paintings, with the juxtaposition of blues and yellows in thick, vivid oils.




Want a lift, and a shot of optimism? Bring some sunflowers into your space. There are no side effects, and a whole lot cheaper than meds!


Van Gogh images from the internet. 



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