Today is Sunday.

My mind wanders back to my childhood and what Sunday afternoons meant, back then.

Today we can do and go just about anywhere, anytime we want, on Sunday. Everything is open for business it seems.

Oh wait a minute, Hobby Lobby isn’t! And I applaud them for that! I think their business does quit well without Sunday’s business.

Anyway, getting back to, my day! 

We went to church, after rushing around from doing chores and getting dinner ready so dad could finish it up. He was an armchair Baptist.

When we got home from the First Baptist Church in Mt. Pleasant, and a healthy dose of guilt, we changed clothes and sat down to fried chicken, mashed potatoes, something from the garden, and a desert. In addition, Mom always made jello with bananas and fruit cocktail. It was usually runny because she mixed it up before leaving for church Sunday morning.

I HATE FRUIT COCKTAIL, to this day! Sorry mom.

If I was lucky, one of my friends would get to come home with me from church. Usually Betty Jo, or Charlotte, Kathleen, my cousin Lucy…others from my BYF, (Baptist Youth Fellowship) group or the neighborhood.


After dinner, we’d lay around on blankets in the front yard, sit on the porch swing, ride bikes, talk about boys, fix each others hair, the usual girl things. It was too hot in the summer to go to my room and too cold in the winter. I liked going to their house because they had heated bedrooms in the winter, and air conditioning during the muggy summer months.

Things were less organized back then. We made up our own entertainment. I’m sure our farm pond wouldn’t appeal to kids now. It was muddy, with frogs and snakes and an abundance of bugs. But, you’d thought we were at the Riviera. My girlfriends and I loved to sunbathe on the banks and watch the boys do what boys do…dunk, and dunk some more!

Once in a while we would all go out for dinner. Usually on a holiday like Easter, we’d meet at the Ox Yoke Inn located in the  Amana Colonies, Amana, Iowa. This was quite a treat as we’d meet-up with dad’s extended family. That meant cousins would be there.

The worst part of Sunday afternoons was…my Dad and Mom usually took naps. If we were too loud dad get after us like a bear awakened from a winter’s hibernation. Mom wasn’t as touchy.

One Sunday afternoon the world stopped, and my brother Stan’s life changed forever. He entered my parents napping  quarters without knocking. We’ll just say… he interrupted my parents exercise session. Who knew they still did those…exercises!

Of course, Sunday afternoons led to Sunday evenings with more church, and the blues, because school resumed the next morning.

Sunday was a day of rest, it’s just that our idea of rest has changed. Whatever it means to you, kickback and enjoy your Sunday!
















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