Stans unit with wall

This superimposed photo of my brother’s squad, over the Vietnam Wall, was shared with me by James Faber, one of my brother’s platoon members and a brave soldier who was there 47 years ago, when Stan fell  on the battlefield of South Vietnam.

The faded faces are those of young men whose futures were on hold. Some would make it home and some would not.

My brother, Stan, front far-left, has that contagious smile, all the while knowing the uncertainty of the next day or hour. These boy/men supported to him, and each other.

Their backgrounds and ethnicity were as diverse as their faces. From midwestern farms, inter-city streets, coastal hamlets, Blue Ridge mountains, southern hamlets, and everything in between…they came together.

They, “Had each others backs!”

96-Humpin on trail

They, walked the trails and rice paddies together.

87-Card game in the Delta


122a-Stan sharing cookies with Jayson

They, shared care packages with their buddies.

They, slept, huddled, and shivered in the mud, heat, and dark together.

They, laughed with, and at each other.

They, shared letters and news of home.

They, cried-wept at the loss of one of their own.

They, sacrificed.

They, survived.

They, died.

They, have faded in age and our memories.

But, they are never forgotten!

A grateful sister,




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