Helpin’ Grandpa

This past weekend, our oldest Grandson came out to the Ranchette and worked on a project with grandpa.

Daniel loves coming out to the country and all that goes with what eleven year-old boys do–explore, pretend, and get dirty.

Last Saturday my husband had a job that he knew Daniel would love, and he needed help. So, they hauled posts, dug holes, and finished a new entrance to our long lane.

It’s called a Coyote fence.


The posts are irregular–not very purdy, individually.  But, as you’ll see, the end product is quite nice.


He’s gettin’ so tall and handsome. Well, grandpa is too!


Beside being an attractive entrance, it hides the dadgumm garbage container!



Never underestimate benefits of letting your kiddos learn from the older generation. Getting out and making something with your hands is a wonderful esteem booster for a child.

I hope that fence stands a long time…long enough for Daniel to point and say, “I helped Grandpa build that!”


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