Happy Christmassy-Easter!

We celebrated our Easter yesterday. That’s what worked best for our family.

Every year I fix a traditional meal, followed by a scavenger hunt for the kiddos. The weather was in the low 60’s, sunny, and not much wind. Perfect for outdoor activities.

Easter hunt  2016

 The two oldest grand kids know the ropes by now.



This year’s hunt consisted of twenty clues. It can get a little confusing trying to keep each clue in order, leading to the next. My husband helped me put them in their hiding places, but he got the 6 confused with the 9. Easy to do, so we back-tracked and straightened it out!

We had lunch first, then turned the youngin’s loose to find their baskets. It always amazes me…I spend the better part of two days preparing the meal plus desserts, and twenty minutes to eat it!

Getting back to the scavenger hunt, I try to make the trek as convoluted as possible, sending them on a criss-cross journey from one end of our property to the other–the freezer in the basement, to the horse feed bunks, and everywhere in-between.




The two older ones lead the toddler around–the baby was carried, squinting her little peepers, as if to say… “It’s too darn bright out here!”




In the end, the baskets were found. The kids were excited, the adults were ready for coffee and dessert. The toddler  wanted what was in his basket, and the contents of his cousins booty, as well.

The baby got a basket, but I have a feeling mom and dad enjoyed most of it.




Discovered confetti eggs this year. What fun!


As for today, the real Easter… we woke up to four inches of beautiful snow!

I’m glad we did our thing yesterday!

Notice, the bench the kids sat on yesterday…blanketed in snow this morning!




God laughed and said, “Not so fast…let’s have a little more winter!”





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