Seven Decades

Well, today is a milestone.

A landmark.

The big one!

Who’s turning seventy today?


Not me…that was my Grandmother, my Aunt, my Mom… the lady that sat in front of me in church, when I was a kid, whose dress always stuck in her… well you know.

My mind can not wrap around this figure.

I am 16, getting off the bus, and I hear Neil Sedaka belting out “Sweet Sixteen.” My Mom scraped  together enough for a hi-fi, for my birthday, and of course had to let the world know.

I’m eighteen, walking on stage to get my high school diploma.

wedding pic 2

I’m twenty repeating my wedding vows.


I’m twenty five giving birth to my first child, my daughter, Kate.

Twenty six starting my first teaching job.


Justin in overalls

Twenty nine welcoming my son, Justin into the world.

Thirty, feeling like I’ve reached middle age.

Forty, celebrating with my sister and her family in Kansas City, scolding our kids for ordering seventeen dollars-worth of OJ from room service.


august, 05 085

Fifty, my neck still looks pretty good. Welcomed my first grandchild, Izzy.

Dealt with breast cancer.



Sixty, welcomed my second  grandchild, Daniel.

Knee replaced.

I’m thinking about a face lift.

100_4858 - Copy

Callie Rose

Seventy, two more grandchildren, I’m definitely thinking about lifting something!

But seriously, I’m glad to be here… to celebrate a life!

A life that has experienced valleys and summits, sorrow and extreme joy!

A career filled with the children from our community who kept me on my toes, and young. And, who enjoy seeing around town and on Facebook!

Colleagues who were there from my first day in the classroom until the last bell sounded.

My children who challenged me, filled my world sleepless nights, and busy days, but most of all, love and joy.

There are so many experiences that flood my memory today.

It’s my goal to make the next decade memorable, healthy, and filled with the love of family and friends.

To making new friends.

Baking more cupcakes, and taking more walks.

And, maybe getting a book or two written. I’ve still got lots to say and do!

God willing I’ll be writing about the next decade, ten years from now.

I CANT SAY IT… it starts with “E” and you do it, when you ice skate.



I’ll be here!

Tune in…









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