I posted this last year and thought I revisit and repost.

I hope all of you have a blessed Thanksgiving in spite of all the nastiness and starvation of good nature, and love that has been heaped upon the table of our souls, this fall.




Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays.

It is the culmination of nature’s giving, to us!

Oh sure, we plant, tend, water, and harvest what we’ve sown, but it is the earth that embraces each seed and nurses it to maturity, then hands it over to us.

Corn fields have dried to a brittle golden brown, rattling in the wind like castanets. Their nuggets of grain ready for the bins.

Bean plants withered—loaded-down with podded pearls that have matured all summer.

Wheat fields, harvested earlier in the summer, have been shipped to mills or stored in grain elevators all over the country.

A loaf of bread or warm rolls from the very fields we watched grow this season, might turn up on our Thanksgiving tables.

“The Harvest,” goes back to our beginnings on this planet. Our ancestors gathered, hunted and fished—I know my family did. It wasn’t all that uncommon to have pheasant, wild goose, duck, venison, or rabbit on our table for the holidays.

grant wook thanksgiving

Artist, Doris Lee

It is our time not only to be thankful for what goes in our stomachs, but for what wraps around us when we step through the thresholds of hospitality this season. It may be our parents dinner table, grandparents, or maybe the table of old friends.

Whatever the case, it’s a dinner of sharing one’s bounty.

It is our way.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


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