Marble Halls of Learning and Memories!

For those readers that share the history of good old M.P.H.S, here’s a look back at those marble halls.


I always thought we had one of the most beautiful High Schools I’d ever seen. It was built in a time when the architecture of beauty, grace, and a statement of higher learning was apparent in every inch and foot of a structure.

You felt important just stepping inside.

Your senses were on high alert. “Does my hair look as good as hers?”

“Will he look at me today?”

“What test…there’s a test!?”



The ceiling… the doors!

Just look at those gleaming floors of marble. The staircase with its Art Deco touch of design.

The same Art Deco theme is displayed in the hanging lamps illuminating our way to the path of knowledge.

No fluorescents in sight.

Sorry, new high school…you could never achieve this status!


That is a heater grate, people! Look at the artistry!


The ticket booth and  display windows… who does that anymore!

The Auditorium was like a movie theater with grand, sculpted decor around the stage and walls.

See what I mean?

Aww, the events that took place in this place. All school assemblies, drama productions, musicals, and the announcement that JFK had been shot!


Remember these classrooms, and gymnasium. I remember having the Band Festival or Carnival in that gym, and of course our daily P.E. classes.

We, as the class of 1964 couldn’t wait to graduate, but when the day finally came, and we were all standing around signing each other’s yearbooks, there was also a melancholy. A sadness that we’d be leaving these halls… for good.

We were leaving, hopefully wiser, taller, a little less acne, and with some direction for our future.

When I’d come home to visit I’d always make a point of driving by my old high school. A loop of memories would flood my mind, most good, some not so much!

But, it was there. Standing just as proud as the day I exited those massive doors for the last time.

It is a building that still stands, but with a different purpose. A beautiful public library now inhabits some of the space, and the auditorium, I’m told, is still utilized.

Hope you enjoyed a step back to MPHS!

Photographs courtesy of, Henry County Heritage, Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.


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