Fall Walk


Walking is something I enjoy… it keeps me moving, and hopefully young for a while longer. It also provides a time and place for me to reflect on what’s happened, happening, and may happen… in my life. It is my private therapy session with mother nature, who knows me best.


With nature getting ready for her big sleep, all her creatures are making ready for the winter ahead. Squirrels are gathering acorns, and man is preparing his house for the cold prairie wind that will come. Or, maybe he’s flying south as some of the birds will.

20151029_110057 (1)

There is something ethereal about the quiet lessons that nature teaches us. We know that fall comes every year, and you’d think it would be no big deal…but it is. The colors fill me with a richness that I can never explain. My senses can barely take them all in, and I want to hold on to these blissful temperatures, smells, and visual opiates, a while longer.


I am slowed down to nature’s pace… slow, steady and serene. Beautiful iron benches turn up along the path so I can stop, and take a moment to enjoy the scenery.


The earth is drying up now. It can relax and let the sounds of brittle grasses and leaves sing us a different tune.


But, in the end there are always those who perk us up with their sunny faces. Our state’s sunflowers peak in the fall, as if to say…”Wait a minute, I’m not finished!”


Bushes and shrubs that were once lush and green now offer their plump produce for whichever creature gets to them first.


And, at home, my dad’s tree reminds me that that some gifts of nature are everlasting.


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