Charlie Co. Reunion


On October 15th, my sis and I set out on a road trip to North Carolina and the 199th LIB Charlie Co. 2/3 Reunion I blogged about earlier.

We followed my brother and my sister-in-law on the way out.

I love taking road trips. It reminds me of a simpler time when vacations were taken slow, and getting there was half the fun!

Traveling with my sis, however, was going to be interesting. I love her to the moon and back, but we have extremely different driving styles. She wants to know exacts. The exact route down to the road signs. I kinda’ don’t worry about it because there’s always our phones and GPS, and…we were following my brother…how hard could it be!

Well, not to bore you…we made it through five states in one day, and we’re still speaking, and...have hair.


The Charlie Co. Reunion only happens every two years, so it’s a treat to see everyone again and greet newbie’s, as the Vietnam Vets would call them.


Jerry Nelon’s Buffalo Farm is set in the rolling hills and grandeur of North Carolina. He and his wife Robin have carved out a life full of love, family, and of course their buffalo. Jerry served with Charlie Co in 1970. He is a southern gentleman and a gifted craftsman at everything he does.


It was especially exciting as we could get up close to his herd and see just how magnificent these American Icons really are.


This mama was due to calf any day. I didn’t realize it, but Jerry informed us that buffalo only come in estrous once a year. If you miss that window of time, there will be no calf that year. Domestic cattle come in-heat every 28 days. Who knew!


We were greeted by banners that told us we were at the right place.


Once Inside the renovated barn, my eyes went wide as to the massiveness of the structure and the natural beauty of the wood. Gnarled, knotted, and beautiful trees, now, part of this wonderful space. The beams and supports were not delicate or ornate, in the usual sense of architecture. The integrity and native wood glowed with a warm inviting hue. I could only imagine time, and effort it took to construct such a structure.



My sis and I made the trip and stilled love each other, despite a few wrong turns.


Our good friend, and wife of fellow Charlie Co. soldier, Bill Stoner, Franci Stoner was responsible for the nuts and bolts of pulling everything together. Her work to make this reunion a success was incredible, as always.



On those cool days and nights the barn was a welcoming environment for good food, drink, and conversations about the past and present.


This years group pose on the massive staircase to the barn loft. What a great bunch of men who share a history… when they were soldiers. 

5979 (1)

And, a highlight for me, was winning the buffalo skull that was once part of Jerry’s buffalo herd.

I don’t know where the next reunion will be held, but I’m sure it will be filled with the same hospitality, and camaraderie as this one.

Thanks Jerry and Robin for a wonderful weekend!

PS… Jerry has posted this remarkable video of the construction of the barn and scenery from his Buffalo Farm


2 thoughts on “Charlie Co. Reunion

  1. I wish more guy’s were there but we all understand the nature of the gathering, it was very special for me because we took my mother with us for this one an she got to meet the men of Charlie Co., an I thank you for making her feel so at home. Robin & Jerry & their family an friends made our stay so much fun an the FOOD was so outstanding, Jerry said it was going to be good, he was wrong, it was GREAT. God Bless everyone, looking forward to another one. Thanks to Karen,Eileen an Phil Ross for making it all possible,Dreams do come true if you believe


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