“Everything Old Is New Again!”

Justin in overalls

When my youngest grandson was born, I dug through a box of his daddy’s baby cloths and came up with these little overalls. When my hands touched them, my mind instantly went back a few decades, when I was a young mother and my little boy fit these. Back then, they were much darker, new and stiff!

Overalls are special in our family. My dad always wore them. We even tucked a pair of well-worn “KEY,” or was it “Oshkosh,” brand in with him on his journey to that, great corn field in the sky!


Well, Asher fits into them now!  The  once dark denim is now a soft worn blue, but they fit just fine. Maybe a little long, but cuffs are cute…right?


Asher seems more intrigued by the buckles and snaps than the fact his daddy wore them before him.

Justin overalls 2

I love the toothy grin that both father and son share. Where does the time go? I guess that’s why God gave us grandchildren… we can retrieve those memories of our, once, sweet babies!

Maybe they’ll hang in there for Asher’s little guy or girl!


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