When you live on the prairie, like I do, you’re privileged to a landscape that lies low under a big sky. And, clouds are part of what makes it so grand!


I love to watch a puffy clump of steam turn into a spectacular Cumulus mass that seems to have the power to build and morph into a floating form of color and shape.


Every shade in the color wheel, blends and mixes as if you’re watching an artist’s brush swirl and creat each tint.


When looking up at this magnificent performance of nature, it’s hard to believe each are but drops of moisture whipped-up like meringue on my Mother’s pies.


The wind will change, the colors stir– birthing an ominous slate blue, or steely gray. What will the drama bring?  Life-giving rain, or wrathful wind.

Horizon meets sky. A canvas of short-lived mystical beauty.


It’s no wonder my husband, and artist, Phil Epp loves painting them.


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