I’ve missed the multitudes of Monarchs this summer. For some reason they haven’t been a numerous.

Their delicate dance, and acrobatic movements are mesmerizing to watch. It’s very difficult to capture their landings with my camera.

20150704_145214 (1)

Catching them in the actual act of landing and feeding is a tricky skill. The delay on my  camera can mean the difference between a blobbish blur or a stunning shot! So, I bounce around as quietly and discreetly as possible to catch them doing their thing.

The drought we had two years ago killed my butterfly bushes. I’ll have to replant and try to make it worth their while to stop for a visit.


Butterflies of all kinds seem to really enjoy my sturdy cone flowers. You’d think those prickly tops would discourage their gentle landings, but that doesn’t detour their objective in the least.


Just look at those delicate legs, antenna, and feeding tongue/spout.

Nature is a beautiful, wondrous, and miraculous thing. I’m so glad I have the time and space to enjoy it.

And, it free!


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