Those of us from the “Baby Boomer” generation… I am one of them, observe the youth I come in contact with, and shake my head.

Why, you ask?

Because it is the curse of our electronic age that holds of them, restrains them, traps them, and continues to suck the life out of their creativity and interaction with the rest of the family.

Sometimes their parents are no better.

I have to admit, it is a struggle not to check my smart phone when I’m with a group of friends or just at home. There is this pull–magnetism these gadgets possess.

And with that introduction, I will share one of the activities I miss from my growing-up years in the Ross household.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my computer,on which I am writing this post, and my smart phone, but I do miss some of the simpler entertainment I shared with my family.

You see, I belonged to one of those families that watched and enjoyed the Mitch Miller Show with the, sing-a-long, bouncing ball.


Image result for album covers of mitch millerImage result for album covers of mitch millerImage result for album covers of mitch miller

We kids would gather round the black and white and wiggle with anticipation for the next song to pop-up on the screen– the lyrics scrolling across the bottom like a ticker tape.

My dad loved Mitch, and we never missed a show. I think it reminded my parents of the Big Band era they enjoyed as teenagers.

We even went so far as ordering his albums.

Eureka! We could sing-a-long on our own!

Waiting for those albums to come in the mail, was like Christmas. And when they finally arrived, we stroked colorful pages as if it were a precious heirloom.

Sounds corny and boring by today’s standards of family entertainment.

We missed out on youtube videos, and Reality TV– watching someone else do the stupid and outrageous. Instead we did the stupid together, and didn’t care!

I don’t know what happened to all those musical artifacts of my childhood. They probably got tossed into a box somewhere and gathered mold in mom and dad’s basement. From there, who knows.

I know there’s no going back, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt, “Mom and Dad,” to watch something together with your children…IF…you can find a show you all will enjoy…all in one room!

I may have to visit Ebay, on my computer, and order one of Mitch’s albums to share with my grandchildren.

I may have to sing-a-long.

Where can I find a turntable?


Album images from the Internet

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