Saddle Up!

Over the past weekend we did a little riding. Our niece, Emma, was here so she got to ride as well.

photo 5 (1) photo 1 (1) - Copy

Emma, is my brother’s daughter, and…Emma is tall! I mean… really tall…like 6’2″ tall! So… we had to adjust the stirrups for her, quite a bit! She loves the horses and plans to be a vet someday.

O photo 3

Isabelle, our granddaughter, has ridden since she was able to walk. Izzy has a natural talent when it comes to ridding. She loves to saddle up with grandpa.

Oh, the red one is Ruby, and the palomino is, Watson!


Daniel, our grandson, is a good rider as well. He looks good in the saddle and rides every chance he gets. Oh, and Daniel is my favorite oldest grandson! He’s getting to be a big help around the place. Daniel is always willing to give us a hand. He’s a hard worker and always has a cheerful disposition.

photo 4

Our favorite, youngest grandson, Asher, is just beginning his riding experience. We take him to the horses every chance we get. His little legs have some growing to do, but give him a few years and I’m sure he’ll master the skill.


In the meantime, this wooden horse I found at an antiques shop will do nicely!


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