Most ordinarily we celebrate Freedom with flags, fireworks and parades.

I’d like to recognize another way to commemorate, this Independence Day!


It is the Freedom to enjoy and partake of this great land we call, America!

IMG_3347[2] IMG_3355[2]

It is the skyscapes I get to enjoy.

The songbirds, wildflowers, and the endless expanse of our Kansas Prairie.

It is the quiet beauty and calm meandering of a country road.


It is the wildlife that still runs free– the ageless elements that continue on, and on…

IMG_3535[2] IMG_3404[2]

No fireworks display can compare to a fiery sunset, or explosive-summer thunderstorm.

It is this Freedom that was fought for and preserved by past generations and now.

And, it is the gratitude that fills my heart whenever I get the chance to enjoy my Freedom.

I am filled with pride and thanks for those who sacrificed life and limb, so I might feel the sun on my face, the breeze in my hair, and grass under my feet.

Images by Phil Epp.


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