Whoopie For Whoopie Pies!


Again, my granddaughter spent the day with me while my grandson went off with his grandfather to parts unknown. I’m sure there’s a good hamburger stop involved wherever they ended up.

My granddaughter wanted to make Whoopie Pies, to which I responded, “Huh?”

“You know, grandma…the chocolate, round cakes with marshmallow filling between!”

“Oh yeah, I’ve had one or two of those, but I’ve never made them!”

So, she proceeded to show me the recipe she pulled up on her phone. It was all there… directions and everything. How could I say no!”

Izzy arranged everything on the counter for the recipe, I turned on the ovens and we were off on our Whoopie Pie adventure– Iphone propped on the shelf above all the essentials to our recipe. A lot different than my recipes which are stained with fingerprints and batter.

She measured and stirred, licked and blended, licked some more, and… finally the batter was ready.

I’d remembered purchasing a muffin-top tin a few years ago, so I dug it out of my repertoire of baking pans.


The shallow indentations were perfect for our Whoopies.


A dollop of batter and 11-12 minutes later we had our first batch of Whoopie Pie halves.

It was hard letting them cool, but it paid off in the end.


A simple filling of butter, confectioners sugar, vanilla, and marshmallow cream was blended and applied when the pies were cool… a very sticky mixture, I might add.


Once we had the filling stuffed between the cakes, we discovered a toothpick was needed as our Whoopie kept sliding off. Perhaps we should have let them cool just a little longer.


In the end we were pleased with our finished product. A little uneven and irregular, but who cares…they’re to die for!


And here’s the proof!


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