I’ve been on a kick the past couple of days…experimenting with water and the different flavors that can be added to this life-giving drink.

I like, Crystal Light Peach Tea!  And drink a gallon every day, but I started to feel like I needed to ingest less commercial products, and try to put more natural fluids in my body, so I decided  (as my dad would put it) “tinker around” with plain old water.

I have this incredible patch of mint that has taken over a portion of my herb garden.

20150607_113838 20150607_113858

If you’ve ever planted mint you know how hardy it is. Last summer when it was so hot and dry, I thought, “This is it…it’s gone, shriveled up, never to be seen again!”


It’s back this spring, in all it creeping glory! The 12 inches of rain we had in May may have had something to do with its revival.

So yesterday I made mint and lime water…very crisp and invigorating!

Today I made cucumber and mint water…awww…so refreshing!

The following pictures were taken by my husband. If you know anything about him, Phil Epp...well I’ll just leave it at that!

He proceeded to “Jar-nap” my sparkling brew so he could take a more artsy approach to it’s presentation.

I won’t divulge his method, or technique…I’ll just say getting these shots involved a golf cart and careful placement!

IMG_4069[2] IMG_4070[2] IMG_4074[2]

Eat your heart out, Pioneer Woman, Giada, Paula, “BAM” man!

Tomorrow I think I’ll try something new in the brew.

How would a sprig of sage taste?20150607_113848 KRE

One thought on “WATER WITH A TWIST

  1. I used to drink that Crystal Light Peach Tea till I was having so much stomach pain! As soon as I quit drinking it the pain went away. Love the flavored waters! Have you ever added a few mint leaves to watermelon balls? It’s also very refreshing.


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