There are days, when you’re a grandparent, that you need a little one-on-one with a grandchild.

This was one of those days.

My husband had taken our oldest grandson on a day trip to the Gilcrease Museum, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, so it was just me and my granddaughter Isabelle with a rare day to ourselves.

We went out for breakfast, then headed for a shop we like for a little retail time.


Izzy is a teen now, so fashion is one of the things she loves. I only wish I was her size. She fits in anything, and looks cute. It’s time to get serious about that diet I started ten times since last fall!


Once we were back at the Ranchette, we decided it was a good day to bake something. Her favorite cookie in the whole world is shortbread, so that’s what we whipped up.

If you’ve ever made shortbread, you know it’s a lot like pie crust dough. A little messy with all the crumbly texture, and then there’s the rolling out. But, when they’re cut and placeed on the baking sheet, the hardest part is over. And, anything that has three sticks of butter in it, has to be good!


All that was left was choosing what kind of sprinkles to put on them. Isabelle decided on hearts for the shapes and gold crystal sugar for the decorating.

Okay by me. What could be better than gold cookies… right?

The day really wasn’t about food, cookies, or shopping, it was about spending time with my sweet granddaughter. Listening to her, requiring nothing from her, but time…uninterrupted.

Thanks Izzy for spending the day with me.


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