Lip Smackin’ Good!

Morel Mushrooms are a delicacy that I have loved since childhood. Growing up in southeast Iowa, it was a yearly ritual. Every spring we’d head out into the woods and seek  those magical morels.

Everyone had their own private spots that were held “Close to the vest,” as they say! We’d usually look for fallen, rotting logs and stumps where these delightful fungi sprout.


Now, that’s a Morel!


My beautiful sis…one of the best cooks I know!


My sis, Eileen, knows how much I love them, so she promised to save some for me until I could get back to Iowa this week.

Morels are very delicate and require special care if you want to keep them for a few days. Soaking them in salt water and changing it every day helps preserve their freshness. And one doesn’t want to get sick on a bad mushroom.

So, Thursday evening we had a nice batch of Morels. Dipped in egg and flour, sautéed (fried) in butter, there ain’t nothin’ better!


I ate, and licked my lips until I thought I’d burst!

What the heck…how often do I get these gems of the forest!


Thanks sis, for thinking of me. We’ll forget about the five pounds I probably gained eating them.


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