Farewell Sweet Sage

Yesterday, we said goodbye to our beloved pet, and companion, Sage.

IMG_2499[2] - Copy

After thirteen years (that’s 91 in dog years) our sweet Sage left this heartbroken family, and her playground here on the Ranchette. The creek, hills, and the horses she loved to work, made her happy. It was her destiny to herd!

IMG_1080[2]   IMG_7249[2]

IMG_5866[2] IMG_5367[2]

daniel and sage

sage babysitting

Our children and grandchildren will miss her jubilant personality, her licks and always… that extended paw. She was a good babysitter too!


We’ve always had a dog, but Sage was one of our best!

“Sagie,” as we sometimes called her… was smart, obedient, intelligent, and  a darn good dog!

Sage was a “keeper!”

karen in pasture

Australian Shepherds have that working instinct bred into them. They will herd anything, including children and other pets.

We once had a litter of kittens… they would invariably wander away from their mother’s watchful eye. Sage would gently, but firmly nudge and prod the unruly felines back to their mama.



I will miss seeing Sage in my husband’s studio, keeping him company while he worked on his paintings.

And, I will miss her sneaking up the stairs for a snack…sometimes a hot dog or a bagel… she wasn’t picky. My husband would often find her buried booty in the sofa cushions, or under her pallet.


And, one of her favorite treats was the hoof clippings when the farrier came. He’d line them up, and she’d have her own buffet!

She wouldn’t turn down an ice cream cone from McDonald’s, either.

unnamed (3)

Getting around had become difficult with the progression of arthritis, and her hearing wasn’t as sharp as it once was. We had to remind ourselves that Sage was getting older and at thirteen she’d lived a long life for her breed.

So, when her quality of life became an issue, we made the tough decision to let her go. As any pet owner knows, its gut wrenching when, for the last time, their eyes say, “I love you and would do anything for you!”

Our sweet and professional veterinarian, Dr. Karen, helped us navigate a peaceful and dignified, goodbye.


If there’s a dog heaven, I hope she’s herding her heart out, and has all the clippings she wants!

“RIP, Sagie!”


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