Success and Succulents!

Every spring, I plant lots and lots of flowers.

And every summer, I watch them wither up and sometimes die.

There’s nothing, no amount of watering, that can replace the nurturing benefit of rain!

Soo…that is why I find myself working more and more with plants that can survive July and August in Kansas.

The solution?


These beauties suck up moisture and store what they need in their plump leaves. If it doesn’t rain, they’ll be just fine!

They come in many interesting shapes and sizes.

Yesterday, my daughter, granddaughter, and I had spent the day together. On one of our stops, I purchased several of these cactus cousins at Stutzman’s greenhouse in Hutchinson, Kansas.

There was a plethora of specimens in the succulent/cactus section. I tried to get a variety of shapes, heights, and colors for my project.

This afternoon, I had a good talk with my creative side, and got to work.


“Viola”….I converted my old bird bath into a raised fountain filled with succulents. Hopefully it will fill in as the season progresses. These wonderful plants will grow even in rock and will eventually cascade down the side of this arrangement.


I love their plumpness and hearty growth, even in Kansas.

I’ll post the progress as the arrangement fills in.

Happy planting!


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