It’s the color of everything right now.

20150313_100640 I love the color  brown, but I am ready for some green.

20150313_100711 (1)

Here in the plains states, were experiencing a drought. It’s not as bad here as west of us, but still…it’s dry.

We had little snow this winter, unlike our friends in the Northeast. We need snow cover for the winter wheat and for all the plants and trees that struggle out here.



On my walk around the Ponderosa this morning, I kept looking for that hope—that signal that maybe, just maybe, there was life under all that brown!

20150313_100931 20150313_100858 (1)

And I was pleasantly surprised that actually there was a sprig popping out here-and-there.


My flower pots stand forlorn, just waiting for the bright geraniums, petunias, and other bright blooms to fill their bellies.

So, it’s this time of year I make my trek to a greenhouse or nursery somewhere and breathe in the beauty and life that awaits my yard.

It’s a little too soon, but I’m getting the fever.

“Brown… be gone!”


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