I’m Back!

Dear readers, haven’t posted for a spell. I guess the holidays kinda got in the way, and then there’s this cute guy I’ve been hanging out with…he’s very possessive! You know the type, needy, dreamy eyes, kissable lips…

unnamed (26)

unnamed (27)

If you’re wondering about the beads encircling my love’s neck, his mamma tells me they are amber beads and help with teething symptoms.

Hey, we’ll take all the help we can get in that department!

Grandpa loves to take pictures and he gets some pretty darn cute shots of our little Buckaroo!


I’d follow this Cowboy just about anywhere.!


My oldest grandson, tall, dark, and ten, is getting to be such a handsome young man. Right now his mama is having hard time keeping his appetite satisfied. He takes his football very seriously! When he’s older and can drive, he’s promised to come see me when he can drive, and I promised to have a pie waiting for him. Is that a bribe?


This is our little cowboy’s mama. What a sweetheart she is, and a blessing to our family.


Sadly, my granddaughter is out of the Barbie and My Little Pony, phase. It’s clothes, lip gloss and i-tune cards, now. Oh, and she’s an avid reader! And, a darn good volley ball player. When I tell her she’s my favorite granddaughter she say, “Grandma, I’m your only granddaughter!”


Besides being a great mom and health professional, my beautiful daughter loves to run and stay in shape, so guess what she got? I was like that once.

IMG_6778[2]Our son-in-law looks like a tough guy, but he’s really a big ol teddy bear! He’s my, go-to guy or all things electrical. A wonderful addition to our family.


Our son, little Buckaroo’s daddy, was with us on Thanksgiving. We spent this Christmas without him here, but chatted by phone every chance we got. He’s in the fitness industry and reminds us of how we need to stay in shape and eat better.

Where did my kids come from?

Don’t worry, I sent him a hefty-size package with lots of goodies that this mama made, just for him.

All-in-all it was a great Christmas.

And… we have another little one who will look forward to Santa next year!

Hope your holidays were filled with family and friends and the blessing that Christmas represents.



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