Pre-Christmas Snow


We often don’t get a “White Christmas,”  here in Kansas. We can only hope that what we got last night might stick around until then, or a new batch would be nice!

Our dog, Sage, loves it!

A fresh snow seems to cleanse everything–even the bleakest landscape turns into something magical.

Something sparkling, shimmering, and renewed.

There probably wasn’t snow in Bethlehem when Christ was born, but I try to imagine how spectacular the earth must have looked when the star in the east spread its wonder and announcement to all below.


My husband took these shots this morning. He thinks our gate looks like a choir singing. The artistic mind is a wonderful thing.

And…I might add, without the influence of any liquid spirits!


He also thinks this looks like the choir director in front of the choir….see what I mean!


Our good friend, Paul, brought us these wonderful Adirondack chairs, he made, this fall. They look inviting, be beckoning us to sit a-spell. They look better unpeopled. Is that a word…?


Our new windmill looks grand standing against the wintry landscape.


Last night, when it started to snow, we took some shots of our Christmas lights.


The blue star seems to float in the dark. Not bad for a weekend project. It’s amazing what you can do with fencing wire and a few blue lights. Inexpensive too!


And then… there’s our blue gate that looks good in any weather or light.

Lets just hope next week brings us a blanket of white for this big kid, and of course all the little ones.

A, White Christmas would make it easier for Santa’s sleigh to maneuver the hard ground and prairie grasses.


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