Our Punkin!

20141103_120439  20141103_120604

“What the fudge, Grandma…I thought you loved me!”

We have a 7 week-old grandson and as any grandparent knows it’s had to keep your hands and lips off them.

My husband and I are artists and we both like to take pictures. My husband usually takes livestock, or landscape photos. Me…I like to photograph people and especially my grandchildren.


“He not going to remember this…is he?”

So…the other day we took on a most delightful photo assignment…our newest grandchild.

His mama, Alicia, wanted to do something creative and bought a nice size pumpkin, one that he (Asher) would fit into.

The idea was to take pictures of our grandson in the pumpkin sporting the hat that grandma bought him. We started by examining the pumpkin and deciding which side would look the best facing the camera. When that was accomplished, I proceeded to disembowel the pumpkin of its innards. Scraping the interior as best I could, it was time to insert the baby in the pumpkin. With a couple of trial runs it was clear that Asher fit perfectly. Now on with the photo-shoot.

In the studio we set up the lighting, background, pumpkin and surrounding fall effects.

Shirtless, the baby’s bottom half was clothed and slipped into a garbage bag. We had him wrapped in a blanket before said shoot, so he wouldn’t be shuddering in the pictures.

In our creative madness to get the photos we did consider his comfort!

All I can say is…I don’t know how Anne Geddes does it!

After much propping, sleight-of-hand, and coaxing, my husband clicked away. They’re not professional, but pretty good. So the family has Asher Pumpkin Pictures, hanging everywhere.

With the help of Asher’s beautiful mama, here are the results.

Pretty darn cute, but then I’m his grandma so….

IMG_4852[2] IMG_4853[2] IMG_4854[2] IMG_4859[2] IMG_4865[2] IMG_4871 IMG_4880[2]

We’re already thinking of the next occasion for our little man’s photo-shoot.


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