The Palaet of Fall

Fall is my favorite time of year. The colors speak for their hosts, in magnificent splendor.fall 2014 002

A walk around the Ranchette this evening gives testament to the palate of colors and hues that exude from their hosts.

fall 2014 004Cottonwoods glimmer, their leaves hang like gold coins.

fall 2014 007Native grasses blend like brush strokes of a Monet or Van Gogh painting, rich in texture and color.

fall 2014 003

All around, the prairie enfold us with warmth. The atmosphere looks and smells different…oxidized.

fall 2014 010

Fallen leaves and drying… native Bluestem gives off an earthy aroma, a brew of nature’s tea, inhaled through the senses.

fall 2014 009

If autumn were a candy, it would be Caramel, and if drink, it would be apple cider or amber whiskey.

Where ever you are this fall, take time to take in in…breath…look…savor the end of a season.


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