A Day With Artist Loren Entz

Yesterday, on our Ranchette, we hosted a painting workshop featuring Western Artist and member of the Cowboy Artists of America, Loren Entz.



entz_pic_1024x1024 Shipping_Day_grande

Painting by Loren Entz

My husband and artist, Phil Epp, www.philepp.com has known Loren for some time, and both share the passion and professional world of, Western Art.

Loren is a native of Kansas and grew up not far from our home here, on the Kansas prairie.  His paintings are a beautiful representation of the old and new, West. His vibrant oils, builds a rich symphony of color on canvas with textured brush strokes that dance and come alive for the viewer.

Loren’s depiction and interpretation of western life evoke nostalgia and romance of a by-gone era as well as current-day ranch life. His compositions cause a second look, and then a longer look as one imagines the scene, in real life.

We were fortunate to have a beautiful fall day yesterday with perfect light and no wind. The easels stayed in place, no flies, and our horses stood like perfect models so the participants could concentrate on their subject.

Loren started the day by demonstrating some of his techniques in color combinations, composition, and other painterly suggestions for a successful work of art. Painting in the field—on location is much different than working in the studio. It forces the artist to include nature and its elements into the process. Atmosphere, light, and terrain are all part of the equation when the artist sets-up his easel in nature’s studio.

I’ll quit now, and share the photos from the day.



                                                  My husband gets serious!


                                Ruby did good… ever tried sleeping, standing up.






030 027

                         Western painter and Sculptor, Vern Friesen hard at work.                       http://www.vernfriesen.com/

032 033

                                           Time for a break and some reflection.


Thanks, Loren for sharing your talent and the day with us!


If you’d like more information on participating in such a workshop, contact me.

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