Blood Moon

Out here on the prairie, the night sky is unobscured by buildings, trees, and artificial light… for the most part.blood moon 1

Tuesday night, as you all know, there was a blood moon and an eclipse for our viewing pleasure. My husband set the alarm and from 4 a.m., and every half hour he would peek out our west bedroom window and give me an account of what was happening to the moon.
blood moon 2I was vaguely aware of what he said, but I did manage to stagger to the window and look for myself, a couple of times.blood moon 3

He, however, proceeded to get dressed and phone his friend in town and they compared their observations.

My husband, took some interesting pictures of the event so I thought I’d share them with you.

When I hear the term “Blood Moon,” It conjures up Biblical terms for me. Maybe it’s a sign that the world is coming to an end!


blood moon 4

Whatever the meaning, scientific or otherwise, it was beautiful and mysterious, and we had great seats!



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