New Wheels


Old photos 003

Simple happiness is something we seem to crave as we get older. We find ourselves surrounded by “things” that represent our success and happiness. The problem is…those things aren’t what makes us happy.

In this picture, I couldn’t have been much older than three. I do remember that bike however. It’s pretty new and shiny and I’m sure my mother grabbed her Brownie Box Camera and proceeded to document this event so she could send it to her family in Los Angeles.

This particular place was located in (what was and is known as) White Oak. It didn’t have a post office or sign that said, White Oak. It just was. Trees seemed to play a large part in a community’s name.

My parents rented the drafty two story house and outbuildings. Looking at the old black and white it appears pretty dismal, but in those days lawns weren’t manicured because it usually served as a chicken yard as well.

Obviously the dirt didn’t bother me. I had new wheels…what could be better!




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