Hey…We Have Hay!

Our prairie hay was cut and baled this past week. The sweet fragrance of fresh-cut hay is one I wish I could bottle-up, and use as an air freshener, especially in the winter months.10634330_10203483412539118_1301790287_n


When I was a girl in Iowa, the only hay I was familiar with was alfalfa or timothy, but out here on the plains it’s usually Prairie or Brome hay that farmers and ranchers plant. Once in a while I’ll pass by an alfalfa field and it smells divine.

10615884_10203497096201201_664582114_n 10622148_10203497099681288_628438023_n

So here’s a little peek at our small, but mighty crop of prairie hay we proudly harvested on our little Ranchette!

One bale will be reserved for my grandson who likes to hone his archery skills when he comes out for a visit.

I’ve also been known to turn them into jack-o-lanterns or Thanksgiving turkeys.

It’s a country thing!


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