Seeing Things!

As many of you know, my husband, Phil Epp is a painter. His images usually reflect the open prairie with his iconic clouds, horses, and other beautiful reflections of the Plains and Southwest.

His photo journeys often take him to the Flint Hills, just a few miles east of our Rancette. He’s always loved, and been involved with horses so it’s not unusual for him to catch the wild mustangs grazing the tall grass prairie.

He has displayed several of these photo’s at the, Star Cassino, Mulvane, Kansas.

Their images are majestic, and each specimen is as unique as a fingerprint. The patterns and colors… diverse as any artist’s palette. Their shiny summer coats shimmer in the sun, further defining their muscular form.

So on this particular outing he came upon a beautiful mare with what else… a cloud formation, on her face.

IMG_0320[2] IMG_0344[2] IMG_0349[2]


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