If It’s Summer, There’s a Rodeo Somewhere


This past weekend we went to the local Rodeo, and as always it was entertaining–a slice of the American experience that I always enjoy.

My granddaughter, however was more concerned about the roped, tied, and wrestled calves, than she was anything else. I tried to assure her they would be just fine, but sometimes I wonder.

The potpourri of smells and sounds of this event, combined with the annual County Fair, brought back memories that span a lifetime of fairs, carnivals, and rodeos for this country girl. It’s part of my DNA, that fabric that keeps a community together–a brief reprieve from long days of labor on their own farms.

It’s was a kick for the city kids too!


It’s all so familiar, but like so many of America’s Icons, it’s not quite as grand as I remembered. There are still 4 H exhibits–produce, baked good, livestock, poultry, and other domestic creatures. But the number of family farms has notably dwindled over the years, and consequently the county fair.


Then there are the strange and peculiar culinary delights that only a fair can produce. For me, it’s those devilish, Funnel Cakes. Funnel cakes are one of my favorite diversions from an already compromised diet, but I declined this year. The fact that my system doesn’t handle late night indulgences as it once did, was the primary reason for not inhaling one.

The Carnie’s litany of enticements to, “Win that bear” seemed less than enthusiastic…I don’t think kids covet stuffed critters like my generation did. It used to be a badge of honor for a boyfriend to walk along-side his girl who held a giant panda bear…”whata’ stud!”



So here’s a few glimpses my husband shot while we all yelled, grimaced, and gave a sigh of relief when a cowboys got up to ride another day!

Long live funnel cakes, cows, horses, swine, sheep, chickens, and RODEO!


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