Face Lift

As many of you know by now my sis, Eileen, and husband live on the family farm in Iowa where we all grew up.

She and her husband Randy have done miraculous things to the old homestead. They’ve completely remodeled and added on to the old house making it a show piece that could grace the cover a decorating magazine.

The yard is gorgeous with flowers, shrubs and new trees, and those little extra touches that my sis is so good at and my brother-in-law so willing to make happen.

So it didn’t surprise me when the latest improvement topped them all, in my book.

Oh sure, the sunroom is stunning, the in-ground pool is delightful, and landscaping with new fences really add a lot. But this… my friends…is special!

unnamed (1)

I’m talking about the old summer kitchen… the catch-all for everything from coon traps, egg cartons, discarded kitchen wares, old chairs, hip-boots, fishing poles, tackle boxes, and bottles of… “Who knows what?”

In more recent times it’s been the home of my sister’s lawn furniture, floaters, and other pool paraphernalia.

When I was home, earlier this spring, we talked about the fate of the old girl, the summer kitchen. There was a consensus that something need to be done, either tear it down and build something new, or try to restore it.

unnamed (2)

I thought the little building had character, but agreed with my sis that it was in such disrepair they might not be able to save it.

Well, the more we talked about it the more we started to see the possibilities. My brother-in-law was getting that worried look on his face, “Oh man, what are those two cookin’ up now?” Especially when I come to visit 

And since we know what a talented carpenter he is…

Anyway I wanted to share the start to finish project that wouldn’t have gotten done without him and my sister’s creative handiwork.

Ta da…behold!

 unnamed (4) unnamed

I love it, and if I were a little girl, I’d want to play in it all day…I still might!


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