Eye-Candy From Kansas

This summer, in Kansas, has been “A horse of a different color,” as they said in, The Wizard of Oz.

You might wonder why I am so excited and grateful for this summer as opposed to others we’ve had…well, if you live in the plains of this great land you know what I’m talking about.

It can be a very harsh place for plants, animals and humans. I can’t imagine what our forefathers and mothers did when there was a drought or prairie fires. 

So… when we have a summer like this one, I’m truly grateful and happy!


June 23, 2014 008

Early spring was dry, then June came along and the rains started, and we’ve had gentle rains ever since with cooler weather (70’s in mid-July) than we usually do. 

AND, this is the big one…very little tornado activity!


June 23, 2014 012


June 23, 2014 023

This tree was almost dead the past three years, but this year it came to life, and what a beautiful display it’s sharing!

I even gave it a huge one day.

I guess that makes me a, “Tree Hugger.”


 June 23, 2014 002


Anyway, I wanted to share some of the beautiful foliage and flowers around my yard…AGAIN!

So, enjoy the eye-candy that is 2014 in Kansas!


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