Everything Old Is New Again!

I keep my grandchildren a day or two a week, and when I do, we try to think of creative ways to spend the day.




This day, my grandson Daniel spied the old Dazey butter churn that sits on a shelf in my kitchen with other antique items I’ve collected over the years.

He looked at me and said, “Grandma have you ever made butter in that thing?”

“Well…not for a long time.” I replied.

 If I remember correctly, it was a long time ago when my kids were still at home.

 His next question was…”Can we make some?”

Sooo…off we went to find some whipping cream.

We looked up a recipe online and proceed on our quest to make butter.


10521820_10203163522862076_135371128_n 10531229_10203163517861951_1145396140_n (1)


Two quarts of whipping cream and 25 minutes of turning the handle on our new/old found kitchen appliance, the butter churn—we had glorious, fluffy, yellow, sweet butter!



10487090_10203163565423140_904101040_n 10526793_10203163584863626_304468112_o


We pressed, drained, and patted the baby-butt, soft mass until we were sure all the buttermilk was extracted. Then we sampled the results of my grandson’s labor with utterances of pure delight.


10521782_10203163588023705_1291646534_o 10522618_10203163599383989_1792906820_n


The smooth butter glided past our lips with the ease of lip gloss. My grandson wanted to taste the buttermilk next, so I poured him a small glass…he loved it!


10520472_10203163578063456_1718299362_n - Copy

Who knew?

I kept the remaining liquid for baking.

All-in-all, it was a very productive day and a good lesson about how things are made that we take for granted when we shop the grocery isle.

I have a feeling that old churn has not seen the last of Daniel!

Butter is a beautiful thing!


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