First Day Of Summer

I walked around my yard this morning, and I was pleased, so I thought I share these pictures with you.

summer blooms 2014 002

We’ve had a wonderful, wet June, with cool nights which makes for beautiful flowers and trees. The past three years my Golden Rain tree looked like it was about to “buy the farm,” as they say. We’d had a few dry years that stressed many of our trees. The Golden Rain had a hard time holding on…well, this year it perked right up and “voila”… it’s gorgeous again!

summer blooms 2014 008


summer blooms 2014 009

I could stand and smell my lavender plants all day, it’s my favorite!


I love perennials and always look forward to their return each year. It’s a guessing game each year as to what made it, and what didn’t!


Looks like my Coneflowers are taking over again. They are prolific little devils, and demand sun and space. I’ll have to do some transplanting with the lilies this fall.


summer blooms 2014 005summer blooms 2014 004


These lilies were a gift of sorts from my neighbor many years ago and they are still going strong. They are very hardy and can withstand the heat and wind Kansas dishes out! I think of my mother when I look at their brilliant orange petals. We had them everywhere when I was a kid, on the farm, and they fill roadway ditches everywhere in Iowa, and Kansas.

summer blooms 2014 007

Russian sage is in bloom now too!  It’s one of those clean fresh fragrances I love.

All-in-all, things looks pretty good! Let’s see what July and August bring.

Happy summer!


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