A New Windmill On The Hill

In an earlier blog this spring, I mentioned that we had to dismantle our windmill that had been damaged by a wind storm.

summer and fall 2013 035

It was a sad day as the old girl had been on my husband’s farm in Nebraska and had stood on our property for nearly twenty years.

It was a certainty that my husband would put a new windmill up, but not without some research and planning. He is a windmill enthusiast, to say the least. He’s traveled the countryside taking pictures, and asking questions until he’d decided on a plan for the new one.

Well, we now have a new windmill!


She is a wood structure, and sports a new fan. My husband, and my daughters fiancé’, Ike, built the base. A windmill company out of Benton, Kansas supplied the new—new to us, fan.



IMG_8808[2] (1)

I  love this black and white…it reminds me of a simpler time.


So the new windmill is up, standing proud, and turning in the wind.

We hope she’ll brave the elements Kansas puts upon her for many years to come.

It’s a beautiful thing!









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