Necessity, The Mother of Invention

My granddaughter spent the day with me yesterday, and she, like thousands of tweens and teens, is into making, rubber band everything’s!

Last year, it was Duct tape everything…this summer it’s Rubber Bands.


She’s made bracelets, keychain fobs, broaches, pencil grips…you name, it she’s attempted it and done very well, I might add.

Well, yesterday she was wishing she’d brought her loom and rubber bands, but she’d left them at home. After running errands we decided to go to a hobby store and get some basic supplies without spending a fortune.


We ended up with a pack of tie-dye colored bands and a tiny loom that was supposed to do the trick, and not cause me an overdraft!

She discovered early on that the little loom we purchased was not going to do the job, so we tried to think of a way to make-shift something that would resemble a loom. Since I taught art for so many years, I had this one covered—I thought!

We tried poking toothpicks in wax, that worked for a while… then the pegs collapsed.

10396389_10202887461040703_1115039749_n (1)

My grandson walked in on our dilemma and simply said, “Here, try these nails… just pound them in a board. He’s so smart!

Well we did and, eureka, it worked!

The added advantage of the nails was the nail heads. There was no danger of the rubber bands slipping off. Who knew!


My comment to my granddaughter was. “Necessity is the mother of invention!”

She looked at me, and then her eyes widened …”Oh yeah, I get it!”

And you know what the neatest thing about this whole day was?

It was the fact that my sweet granddaughter learned a valuable lesson.

Number one…her pesky little brother might be kinda’ cool and intelligent, and number two… learning to make your own fun is more fun and satisfying.

The pencil grips turned out pretty cool, too!


I have a feeling I’ll be getting one or two or three…



PS… I feel strongly that it’s important for children to free-play– make things from found objects. That was one of my assignments when I was teaching. It’s amazing what their minds will come up with, given the chance to create!

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