Technology Madness!

Since earlier this spring I have known that XP was not going to be supported sooo…. my laptop, which is eight or nine-years-old, was going to have to be replaced.


For the last two days, I have been trying to set up my new computer and printer. Since I didn’t order Office when I had it built, I tried downloading, Office to my computer from the web site…well without boring you with the gory details, I will simply say,”It’s been a nightmare!”

If I could have reach through the phone wires and wrapped my shaking hands around someone’s throat…I would have.

I finally got in touch with a wonderful technician who spoke in my native tongue,English, and was very patient with this, not so patient customer.

As I told my husband last night as I drug my weary carcass to bed…”Thats a day I’ll never get back!”

As wonderful as technology is, it is also a pain in the ________! I think back to doing everything on a Corona, and I cringe. I don’t wish the days of correction tape and Whiteout  back, but this kind of technical difficulty makes me nuts!

I’m still waiting on my Office to download….it’s at 83%, maybe it will be up and running by my bedtime. I can only hope and pray, it will.

I’ll try to write something more creative soon…I promise.




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