Temptation is a curious thing.

It’s not just us humans that experience it.

Temptation is all around us.

There are those cookies in the freezer that would go well with the ice cream that’s also in the freezer, and the fudge sickle that would go with anything!

The jeans in one of my favorite stores window, and that top I’ve been eyeing… and the earrings…


But this morning I saw temptation through the eyes of my feline companions.

A beautiful blue bird kept landing on different window ledges around my house. First the bedroom then the bathroom, and finally the living room.

I think the poor thing thought he or she had found a mate. Whatever the reason, my two cats were going crazy, running from one window to the next…making that chattering sound and swatting at the glass.

The temptation was so great they started hissing and swatting each other.

Never mind that their bowls were overflowing with delicious cat cuisine…they wanted that bird!

Their plight reminded me a lot of Tweety’s never-ending battle with Sylvester. I could see the wheels turning in their devious little minds… “You distract him and I’ll come around the back!”



The blue bird, however was oblivious to their torment and drooling chops!

It was then I decided… neither would go outside today!

The blue bird was off the menu and safe for awhile longer.

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