Let It Snow…I’m Going To Florida!



I’m looking out my office window, and watching big snow flakes tumble to the ground.

Before this beautiful snow, we had sleet… follow by snow…followed sleet… followed by more snow!

And if that wasn’t special enough… its 2 degrees and forecasters are calling for a balmy -5 to -7 below zero tonight!

I don’t care as long as I can get to the airport tomorrow!

I keep yelling down the stairs to my husband, his art studio is down there.

“Did I mention I’m going to Florida tomorrow?”

I’d better chill with that. assorted pics 224 Somehow, when March rolls around I expect things to change, weather wise.

I always forget we’ve had huge snowstorms in April.

I’m not going there!

Oh we humans are a fickle lot.

When July rolls around, I’ll be thinking a trip to the Rockies or Oregon would be nice!

images (2)

Did I mention I’m going to Florida tomorrow?


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