Try The Prickly One


Have you ever noticed that some of the more beautiful flowers and plants are prickly– hard to pluck from the bush or vine they’re attached to?

I love roses, especially the old-fashioned kind that used to grow in my mother and grandmother’s yards. And oh the fragrance— nothing could compare.

They climbed and tangled their way skyward on trellises’, around fence posts and sometime trees. Cutting them was hazardous, to say the least.

My young hands would dive in anyway, and suffer the pricks that always followed, but it was worth the pain when I stepped back to take a look at the beautiful bouquet.

Grandma’s rose bushes were her pride and joy. They had exotic names and required special feeding. My grandmother would even cover her prize roses with heavy paper tents to keep them safe from an early or late frost!

Another favorite of mine is the prickly pear blossoms that open in the summer. There’s no sweet smelling perfume from them, but their brilliant yellow petals and orange center say, “Let’s party!”  I don’t pick the prickly pear flower. I am content to walk by them, and admire their brilliance.


In Kansas, on the prairie, we have many wild flowers, and what some call weeds that bloom from early spring to autumns frost.  I know it’s not a desirable plant, but I think the Russian thistle is gorgeous! I do, however think of the dance in the movie, Fantasia when I see their purple heads popping up among the prairie grass. And try picking one…not so easy…they have stickers too!

Flowers are like people, I think.

Some of the most interesting and charitable people I’ve met were quite prickly at first. I was afraid to approach them—to take a chance on getting hurt by their thorny personality.

Funny… how those prickly pear people have turned into some of my most cherished acquaintances and friends.

Take a chance; avoiding the pricks of life can be pretty boring!

Let me phrase that another way… “avoiding the thorns of life!”


Russian Thistle image, Internet download

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