Feb 2014 snow storm 008

I was thinking this morning, “When are we going to dig out from under the ten inches of snow we had yesterday?”

Isn’t it amazing– how one little snow flake…

then another little snow flake…

and another….

and another…

can stop the world in its tracks?

Feb 2014 snow storm 005

I don’t do well, cooped up.

I have hobbies, and things I could and should be doing, but it’s the idea that I can’t leave that bother’s me.

When I was a kid, I loved being outdoors in the snow. My brother and I would bundled up and hit the drifts! We’d make a snowman, forts, went ice skating, and of course, had snowball fights.

I went outdoors yesterday while it was snowing and shoveled for a while, not because I thought the paths I cleared would stay that way, but because I had to get out and do something physical! Of course this morning most were blown over.

I would have stayed out longer this morning, but my fingers were getting numb, and I like my nose, so I gave up and came inside.

image003The other problem I have, when I’m confined, is… I want to bake. I crave something sweet!

Is it that hibernation thing they talk about?

I managed to avoid the urge to whip up some cookies.

I crocheted, did laundry, cleaned the bathtub, shoveled snow, watched TV, worked on the computer, played solitaire, answered emails, made vegetable soup, called friends, watched TV and, looked outside… again… and… again.

You get the picture.

Then I remembered, my days of teaching school. How I longed for a snow day so I could snuggle my kids, in bed, past 6:00 A.M, and sit at my kitchen table drinking a hot cup of coffee while that beautiful sparkly stuff floated down.



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