Winter Coats


Even though we’re in the midst of Old Man Winter, there’s a glimmer of hope underneath all that snow and ice.

When you live in the country, as I do, the long stretches of cold,snow, and long nights can seem endless.

Here in the plains, however we get a little more sun than perhaps Minnesota, Michigan or my home state of Iowa.

I have to remind myself that this too shall pass and winters hold will give way to warming spring sunshine, and rain, and hail, and 100 degrees, and lightning, and tornadoes…..Oh my!


Not only do I look forward to the warmer temperatures, I think our animals get a little weary of it all. I’d bring them in the house if I could, but really……

I try to imagine what our horses are thinking, I do that a lot!

Watson….”It’s hard findin’ grass under all that snow!”

Ruby…..”The ice on the hay was a new twist, don’t ya think, Watson?”

Watson…..”Well, it’s better than bugs or soggy from rain!”

Makes my lips hurt just thinking about it!

Our horses get a thick winter coat for our arctic temperatures. And this year… they’ve been arctic…)))))))))

Watson and Ruby huddle up, and put their rumps to the wind, when they need to. Oh…that makes me cold just thinking about it!


Our Australian Shepard, Sage loves to come indoors from time to time, but she’s an outdoor girl at heart. Her beautiful multi-colored coat more than keeps her snug.

Maybe I should crochet her some booties!


Watson thinks he’s had enough already. Bring on those tender, green spring grasses!

Counting the days.

Stay warm.


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