Nutty for Nuts

I love nuts!

Just about any kind you can name, I like them.


My favorite happens to be Black walnuts. I like English walnuts too, but if you gave me a choice I’d pick the black walnuts hands down.

My affection and taste for Black walnuts probably dates back to my childhood. We had a lot of Black walnut trees on and around our farm. Since southeast Iowa had an abundance of timber, I’d go traipsing after my grandmother and mother for the black encased treasures– thus the name Black walnuts.

It was a chore that kept my grandmother’s hands busy all through the cold winter days and nights. She’d even pick nuts for other people. They paid her of course, but it was a time-consuming, tedious job, that took patience and a delicate touch with a tiny tool that resembled a crochet hook. It was common to see nut cracking/picking sets in most homes when I was a child, especially around Christmas when nuts were given as gifts and eaten as a snack.

The hull, or husk that surrounds Black walnuts created a messy affair. Handling them would turn my hands dark brown in no time. My dad would sometimes scatter the black, plump balls on the drive way so our vehicles could assist with separating the hulls from the nut’s shells. My aunt told me women would use walnut stain for dyeing their hair before there were commercial dyes. I can certainly believe that.

Getting back to my love for nuts….

I’ve heard that nuts are good for you, right? So that makes my addiction even better. Wrong!


I could eat my weight in nuts. Therein, lies the problem.

I have nuts on yogurt, ice cream, bananas, pudding, and by themselves, you name it… I’ll find a way to eat them.

So this morning I looked up the benefits of nuts in our diet.

Turns out nuts are really good for us, especially walnuts.

Well, that’s exciting!

But when I read further, it turns out they are also high in calories. “But, there are no Tran’s fats in nuts!” I cried!

“They are high in calories, Karen. You can’t eat a cup as a snack. There are over 700 calories in a cup of black and English walnuts.” I said to myself.

“But the health benefits…what about that?”

No wonder my diet hasn’t been going well.

If I open a can of mixed nuts, I’m a goner. I start out by saying, “I’ll have just ten.”

I put the lid back on, place the can in a drawer under the chocolate chips, coconut, and other baking essentials.

Out of sight out of mind…right?

Wrong again. I can’t eat, just ten.

What are ten more, and five more, and heck… it’s only a fist full, and I skipped dinner, so it’s okay, right?


I’m doomed.

Here are a few nutty facts you might be interested in.


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