I made the journey back to my home state of, Iowa this weekend.

My sis called me Saturday morning… “You’d better leave today because we’re in for snow, and minus temps tonight and tomorrow!” She wasn’t kidding, it’s -14 this morning and -17 tomorrow.

Mind you, I live in Kansas where we have our share winter blizzards and cold days. The trip to Iowa is a good eight hours, no matter how you slice it.

So, I mumbled something like, “Yeah, maybe I should.”

I had nothing packed, and there was the matter of a few articles of clothing I was going to wash before I left.

After turning a few circles and running fingers through my flat hair, which needed a good shampooing, I started the process of organizing myself.

The hair washing would have to wait— with a little extra fluffing and Spritz, I could get one more day out of it!

I have a habit of packing more than I need whenever I leave for an overnight stay. I get this affliction from my dear mother, Corn Rose.

When mom would come for a visit, she always bring at least three or four bags with her.

My dad would cuss and carry on about it, but his ranting had little effect on my mother. He couldn’t understand why something like his camo duffel bag wouldn’t suffice.


Anyway, back to my packing. I did my best to control the urge to throw every sweater, pair of jeans, jacket, and vest into my tiger-striped suitcase.

Well, you never know what you might need, especially in the winter, in Iowa.

Then, there were the accessories, scarves, jewelry and shoes.


And, oh yes…did I mention…I always pack a separate bag, just for shoes. This trip, I threw in two pair of riding boots, tennis shoes, flats, Sketchers go-walks, and a pair of ankle boots.


Then there were the toiletries– hair dyer, curling iron, lotions, makeup, vitamins, combs, and hair spray.

My computer had to be packed along with my camera and all the chargers that go with them.

I almost forgot the baked goods I had so lovingly prepared for my sister’s birthday party next weekend. So, I ran down to the basement and snatched them out of the freezer.

Oh…and the Christmas presents for my side of the family.

My mind was racing, “What else…what else?”

I threw in a few more copies of Corn Rose, and With Love Stan.

My sister laughs at my affliction, but I am well prepared for any occasion and weather condition that may arise in the next few days.

After a last-minute check I felt I was ready to hit the trail. If I left something behind I could always hit Wally World when I got there.

Eight hours, three diet Cokes, two bottles of water, four pieces of gum, two bathroom breaks, one gas stop, several cell phone calls “How far are you?” calls, and sliding through a red light in Ottumwa, Iowa…I arrived safe and sound.

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