The Eyes Have It

Do you remember, when you and your spouse or significant other looked at each other with complete adoration and bliss? Their eyes were bottomless pools of love.

There’s nothing like it in the world! It’s better than chicken soup, flannel sheets, that new care smell , and all the chocolate you can stuff in your mouth.

You feel warm all over. The trust you see in those eyes make you feel safe, and cared for in ways nothing else could.


If you’re feeling you’ve not experienced that in a while, that your partner doesn’t droll, and get that… glazed over expression when he or she looks at you…I have the answer.

Yes my friend… it’s there… in the eyes of your pet.

Could there be any more love, caring, and trust or… I’ll follow you anywhere, expression in the world?

I think not.

When my mom, Rose, was in the assisted living facility in our hometown, there were two dogs, several birds, a cat, and bunny living there too!

Their presence seemed to have a calming effect on the residents. It was not uncommon to see one of the dogs wander into my mother’s room for a pat on the head. It seemed they both needed a little TLC.


Perhaps their loved ones hadn’t been to visit in a while; whatever the reason, a cat rubbing against their leg or a dog laying it’s head on their lap was just the gesture of love and connection that elderly person needed.

When I was a child, my pets were my counselors. When I was felt misunderstood by my parents or friends, my dog or cat sat patiently, looking up at me with those, I understand completely, eyes. The more I complained or cried the closer they snuggled up to me, and after a while, I felt better. I knew they would always be there, no matter what.


You may have guessed I’m a strong proponent for having pets.


I understand there are issues with allergies, and other concerns—time and space, but I feel children and adults benefit from having a pet around, even if it’s a fish…they have really big eyes!

The sweet Australian shepherd, Sage, is ours.The “studly” yellow tabby lives at my friend Diane’s house. I think he has Paul Newman eyes!


No animals were injured in the writing of this piece.

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