Excerpt from Corn Rose

This excerpt from my book, Corn Rose, speaks to all women especially who tried to do it all, and lost themselves in the process. Even Rose’s nemesis, Bess, has her own hurts and, “What might have been?” under that hardened exterior.

Bess listened to the commotion coming from her son and wife as they made their way from the living room to their upstairs bedroom. She couldn’t help but smile as she thought back to her younger self, as a new wife. Rahl had been different then. He had adored her and acted much the same as Jack did now with Rose. Life has a way of changin’ folks, makin’ them hard and unlovable. How did that happen to us? When did Rahl and me stop lovin’ each other, even stop carin’ altogether? She knew she loved her husband, but it was different now. There wasn’t the desperate passion that once drove them both crazy for each other. It was more of an understandin’. She had raised the girls and he the boys, and in the process, they had both been lost. The years of child rearing and of life on the river bottom had sucked all the love from them until there was none left for each other. Shaking her head, Bess returned to the task of making pancakes for breakfast. She had made them every day of her marriage except for the days she had delivered her babies.

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